Port de Sóller

The coastal town of Port de Sóller is about 5 km from the municipality of the beautiful old town of Sóller.

Sóller (old town)

The heart of Sóller

The small town Sóller with its 13900 inhabitants lies in the northwest of the Balearic island Mallorca. In the heart of the "Valley of Gold" - or "Orangental" - the small town offers its visitors a lot.
In former times, one had to drive laboriously over the pass road with 63 hairpin bends to reach the
To reach the city, today it is much easier to use the "Sóller tunnel". The 3 km long tunnel, which runs under the Tramuntana mountains, connects the island capital Palma with Port de Sóller. Those who already want to see the journey here as an excursion or an adventure on their own use the wooden train that drives from Palma over a total of 28 km and 13 tunnels in a breathtaking landscape to the small town of the island Mallorca. This possibility to reach one's destination is considered to be one of the most popular excursions of Mallorca.
Once you arrive in the small town, you can see the landmark of the valley, the church of St. Bartomeu. Built before 1236, it stands in the city centre, the Plaza Constitución, where one can also find numerous cafés and bars. This main square is the heart of the city.
The small town of Sóller offers visitors interested in culture the Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences as well as the art nouveau museum Ca`n Prunera. The botanical garden "Jardí Botànic" is located not far from the city centre towards the port and is especially home to Mediterranean flora and serves to research and preserve the native Balearic flora.
The weekly markets are always particularly attractive for holidaymakers in southern countries. When merchants and farmers sell their goods, there is a lot of trade and hustle and bustle. The market in the small town of Sóller, which takes place on Saturdays, sells local decorations and designer clothing.
Located in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains, there is plenty to discover for hikers, Nordic walkers and mountain bikers. Hikes through the mountains or to some bays lead through pine forests, over orchards and to viewpoints that offer a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean Sea. The high season for cyclists is from February to May and from September to October. Around 150,000 cyclists visit the Balearic Islands every year on the many routes, with both moderate and demanding routes.
The little town in the so-called Orangental valley is also known for its delicious ice cream. And of course as a small town in the middle of the Valley of Gold, a tasting of the riches of the valley makes the visit complete, such as freshly squeezed orange juice or "Angel d´Or", the delicious liqueur invented by a local citrus farmer. Other local specialities include olive oil, jams, sausages, orange balsamic vinegar and much more.
A visit to one of the numerous restaurants completes the visit. Whether a little far away from the hustle and bustle, right in the heart of the Plaza Constitución or with a wonderful view over the sea, there is always a choice of possibilities.
Of course, one can also stay overnight here. There is space both in the Grand Hotel with upscale equipment, as also in cosy and rustic country hotels that are mostly accommodated in old fincas.
The beautiful and fertile valley, the mountains and the nearby sea - which can be easily reached through the connection to Port de Sóller - make the little town far away from mass tourism one of the most sought-after residential areas of Mallorca.

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