Santa Ponça

Santa Ponca in the southwest of the Balearic island of Mallorca belongs to the municipality of Calvià. Perfect for family holidays

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The Balearic island attracts many millions of holidaymakers every year, including a large number of Germans, whose most popular refuge during the holidays is known to be the island in the Mediterranean. But apart from the famous beaches and party miles, where day turns into night, Mallorca has even more to offer.
In the southwest, approximately 30 kilometres away from the island capital Palma, there is the holiday stronghold Santa Ponça (pronounced: Ponsa).

Location and history

The town itself, with a population of around 10,000, and the surrounding area belong to the municipality of Calvià. In recent years it has become an attraction for luxury tourism: The city of Santa Ponsa has much more to offer than beaches and luxurious residences, however: Already in the first centuries after Christ, the first groups of people settled here who belonged to the Talaiot tribe. During the Arab conquests, the city was able to hold its own until it was reconquered by the Spanish kings in the 13th century. For many centuries the port of Santa Ponsa was a hub of trade, today it is mainly used for anchoring yachts.

Sights and Attractions

A well-known monument of the city is above all the Cruz de la Conquista, which translates as "the Cross of Reconquest". When in 1229 the Kingdom of Spain reconquered Mallorca from the Moors, the impressive memento was erected on the Sa Caletta promontory to commemorate the landing of the royal troops. Since the cross is located at a high vantage point outside the city centre, the visit can be combined with a stroll to admire the view of the surroundings. The sea right in front of the front door offers a wide range of water sports. Whether catamaran tours, paragliding, snorkeling or banana boat - there is something for families, couples, sportsmen and amateur sailors.
A catamaran tour offers visitors the opportunity to discover the surrounding beaches and hidden bays as part of a half-day sailing tour; lunch on the water and drinks are usually included.
Santa Ponça also has two small islands in front of Sa Caletta, which can be seen from the marina. The small islands are called Isla Malgrats and Isla Conis - the latter owes its name to the Spanish word for "rabbit". If the way to the island with a boat is too far for you, the urban beach is also very well served. Although the bay Cala de Santa Ponsa is rocky and not very gentle, only a few hundred metres away from the centre, there is a sandy beach that is about 300 metres long and free of stones and pebbles.

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It is particularly popular with families within the municipality of Calvià, as the water in this section is very shallow and the sandy section drops gently into the sea. So children can splash here without danger and also wade a little further into the sea. Moreover, the beach is lined with palm trees, together with the promenade behind it, there is a wonderful view to the sea, especially at sunrise and sunset.