Portixol - from the fishing village to the promenade

The holiday resort is one of the hotspots of the Mallorcan capital Palma de Mallorca. The quarter is not far from the city centre of Palma, on a picturesque promenade. The small marina is lined with chic restaurants, bars and trendy nightclubs. Locals as well as holidaymakers love the special charm of the former fishing village. Here is the whole year over enterprise and even in the winter many restaurants are open. The interesting city history begins as a tiny fishing village. In former times only few people lived in the small village at the sea, before the gates of Palma. The people earned their living as fishermen and went out to sea every day. At that time there was still no trace of luxury! In former times the area was even regarded as run-down and poor.

At the beginning of the 21st century the transformation began! The first hotel complexes were built, such as the Hotel Portixol, which today is one of the most luxurious in the area. Tourism came to the area, which is now part of the capital Palma.
Today it is one of the coolest residential and nightlife areas in Mallorca. The former fishermen's houses have been extensively renovated over the years and are now sought-after real estate properties. Expensive restaurants offer a view of the former harbour where today expensive yachts are anchored.

Discover the special charm of Portixol

Today hip singles live door to door with pensioners and young families. The locals appreciate the proximity to the beach. It lies in a small bay. It is much quieter here - quite different from Playa de Palma.
The 16 kilometre long promenade forms the heart of the district. This is where people meet! Walkers, playing children, dogs and cyclists meander past well-attended restaurants and small fashion boutiques. Locals enjoy their daily cup of coffee next to chic businessmen in suits and tourists stroll down the promenade to the beach.
Furthermore, the proximity to the centre of Palma, the island's airport and nearby towns is very convenient for a variety of excursions. This has also been discovered by many tourists who want to discover the beauty of Mallorca.
Sports enthusiasts take advantage of the wide range of water sports on offer. There is also a network of cycling and hiking trails through the Mallorcan countryside.

Restaurants, bars and trendy clubs

Palmas Hotspot offers the right restaurant for every palate! In addition to many well-known hotels, numerous restaurants have settled here over the years. Molinar, for example, is known for the preparation of freshly caught fish and seafood. At Ola del Mar you can enjoy the excellent Mallorcan cuisine and the wonderful view of the azure blue sea. Try traditional Spanish tapas in one of the many small bars in the harbour.
After a delicious dinner with refreshing drinks the nightlife is calling! In the evening Portixol shows its lively side. Club density is particularly high here, so you have a first-class choice of hip bars and clubs and can enjoy Palma's nightlife to the full. Directly on the beach you will find the luxurious "Nassau Beach Club", where celebrities of the island often meet for intoxicating parties.

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