Mallorca second largest city - Manacor

Manacor is located in the east of Mallorca, about 10 kilometers from the coast and is with about 41,000 inhabitants after the capital Palma the second largest city of the Balearic island.
The municipality of the same name comprises a total of 10 villages. It is situated away from the major tourist centres and is particularly known for its artificial pearl industry. It is worth walking through the alleys of the historic city centre with its impressive patrician houses and taking a look at the many small craft shops. Visitors who are interested in culture and history can expect to see many interesting buildings in Manacor that are well worth a visit.
Even the highest building of Mallorca is located in the city. This is the 80 m high bell tower of the Nostra Senyora dels Dolors near the market place. The interior of the church, with its impressive altarpieces and paintings, is also exceptional. The Perlas Majòrica pearl factory produces elaborately crafted artificial pearls, which can hardly be distinguished in appearance from real pearls. Every day thousands of tourists come to the local company to observe the artists at work and to buy a suitable piece of jewellery as a souvenir or souvenir in the showrooms.
Those interested in the history of the region should visit the city's Historical Museum. Located in the Torre dels Enagistes, a 14th century manor house, the museum offers interesting archaeological and ethnological exhibits. The museum also boasts numerous mosaics and a section with miniature furniture. On Convent Square, the monastery of Sant Vincenç Ferrer was founded in 1576 by Dominican monks and is now one of Manacor's most famous monuments. Just outside the city centre is the Hospitalet Vell excavation site. Here archaeologists have excavated a Talaiots settlement from the 5th century B.C., the most important part of which is a kind of tower with a square ground plan.
The landscape of the region is characterized by several nature reserves and agricultural areas with fig and almond plantations. The 27 kilometres of the municipality's coastline offer numerous small coves ideal for bathing in a peaceful atmosphere. Especially the picturesque little harbour town Porto Cristo invites you for a stroll. From there you can reach the Dragon's Cave, one of the most important tourist attractions of Mallorca. The corridors extend over a length of approximately 1700 m and open to one of the largest underground lakes in Europe, Lago Martel. In this mystical environment between the colourfully illuminated stalactites and stalagmites, classical music concerts have been held regularly since 1935, which are also part of the guided tour through the caves.
Those who stay in the area between the end of May and the beginning of June have the opportunity to take part in the annual spring festival, which lasts several days. During the "Fira de Primavera" there are markets and exhibitions of agricultural and handicraft products and colourful parades.
Manacor has a train station from which trains run every hour to Palma de Mallorca. The journey takes only about an hour, so that holidaymakers from the major tourist centres can easily reach the city as part of a day trip.

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