Fornalutx - one of the most beautiful mountain villages of Mallorca

Small narrow alleys, wonderfully maintained paths, the numerous steps decorated with flowering flowers. Lemon and orange trees in the gardens of houses and streets made of natural stone.
The distance between Palma and Fornalutx (northeast of Sóller in the Tramuntana Mountains) is about 40 km.

Fornalutx - Pearl of the Tramuntana

Mallorca is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans. This is not only due to the beautiful weather all year round. The visitor can also expect numerous places worth seeing. Undoubtedly, there are also numerous sleepy mountain villages. Find out more about one of the picturesque villages in the Tramuntana Mountains now.

Where is Fornalutx anyway?

Most Mallorca holidaymakers start at the Palma airport Son Sant Joan. The picturesque mountain village is just 45 minutes away by rental car. Located a good 40 kilometres north of the island capital, the village nestles gently against the Serra de Tramuntana.

The history of the village

Over 1,000 years ago Mallorca was occupied by the Arab Moors. Numerous buildings and entire villages date back to this period. Also the roots of the village in the Tramuntana mountains date from this time. The place was once only a homestead of the Arabs. This only changed when the property was conquered by the Catalans in the 13th century. Then the farm was extended and the present town centre was created. Until the 1980s the village was a quiet and tranquil place like any other mountain village. However, this changed abruptly in 1983. This year the Balearic Islands were not only recognised as an autonomous region of Spain. In the same year, the mountain village was chosen as the second most beautifully preserved and restored place in Spain. Since then, whole crowds of tourists populate the centre of the village year after year.

Fornalutx - What you must have seen

The centre of the mountain village is the picturesque church. Built in 1639, it is today one of the most popular photo motifs in the Mallorcan Northwest. This is mainly due to the mixture of Gothic and Baroque elements, which make the church something very special. After visiting the beautiful little church, one should not miss a walk through the picturesque, narrow alleyways. To the right and to the left, small, lovingly restored little houses rise up. Here you can also take some nice souvenir photos. Those who want to enjoy the most beautiful view over the area should also visit the town hall. A historical defence tower is attached here, which you should definitely climb. Those who spend their holidays on the largest Balearic island in autumn should visit Tramuntana mountain village on the 8th and 9th of September. Then the "Correbou" takes place here. This is one of the most beautiful festivals of Mallorca. Here you will find an arts and crafts market, live music and children's entertainment. At the end of the festival, a colourful, dazzling fireworks display is set off against the backdrop of the Serra de Tramuntana.

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Worth seeing Tramuntana - Around the village

Not only the mountain village in the northwest of Mallorca itself is worth a visit. From here you also have an excellent view over the Sollér valley. There are also some famous places like Deiá or Valldemossa nearby. Hikers start from the centre of the village on extended tours and Fornalutx is also very popular with mountain bikers. Convince yourself of the beauty of the region - on your next holiday in Mallorca.