Deià - "Artist Village of Mallorca"

On a hill of the Tramuntana mountains lies the mountain village of Deià.
The beautiful landscape, the sea, the mountains and the splendid flowers of the well-kept meadows and gardens transform this place into a small paradise.
It is really beautiful here.
You can see that the inhabitants love and care for their place.


The picturesque Mallorcan town is a real pearl in the Tramuntana mountains. Surrounded by wooded mountains, the town inspires with its almost wild and romantic surroundings. The rushing torrents, the wonderful hiking trails through the mountains and only 10 minutes from the coast, make Deià one of the most beautiful places on the Balearic island.
Angled alleys and magnificent old stone houses characterise the centre of the mountain village and invite you to take a stroll. If you walk through the city, you will find exclusive boutiques and small shops. One or the other café invites you to linger and charming restaurants tempt you with Majorcan specialities. Hobby photographers will love the beauty of the place, because there are many beautiful places in the local area, which prove to be worthwhile photo motives. Even the pretty historic church of Sant Joan Batista underlines the special flair of the municipality in the picturesque mountain landscape of the holiday island. In and around the village some luxurious properties have been built in the last century. Below the village you will find the natural "Cala-Deià", which invites you to swim and snorkel with its clear water. The bay can be reached from the village via a hiking trail that meanders through the beautiful landscape. In addition, the Tramuntana mountains invite you to long hikes, because in the inviting mountain landscape there is much to discover and one or the other place offers an unforgettable view of the beauty of the municipality.

Retreat and adopted home of numerous artists

If you walk through the attractive community attentively, you will always come across works of art, because some painters and sculptors have settled in the village. Since the beginning of the last century, it has attracted artists from all walks of life to the Mallorcan town. Among them were greats such as Pablo Picasso, Ava Gardner, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Pierce Brosnan and Michael Douglas. A museum has even been dedicated to the writer Robert Graves, giving an insight into the works and life of the British author who once settled here. Even the British physicist Steven Hawking liked to use the artists' village as a retreat.
Due to the increasing popularity, the once agricultural village developed and became a popular travel destination and sometimes even a residence in the artists' scene. This led to a significant economic revival, which led, among other things, to the founding of several first-class restaurants. Of course, the cultural life in the town was also influenced by the artists and so the music festival "Festival de Deià" is organised here. But also outside the months of July and August, artists can be found in the village and cultural events take place regularly. It is worth noting, however, that despite its development, the municipality has managed to retain its original charm, making a visit to the mountain village a very special experience.

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