Cap de Formentor

Picture-book town Cap de Formentor (eastern end of Mallorca and northernmost point of the Balearic Islands). Only 13 KM away from Port de Pollença.
Those who have no problems with narrow, curvy streets and the height will be rewarded with a grandiose view. Especially popular also among the cyclists who give everything here!
Above, at the lighthouse at the Cap Formentor, there is a small cafe to strengthen yourself. Beautiful view of the mountains and the sea.... we can't go any further here :-)

Formentor, the meeting point of the winds

It seems that everyone has an opinion about Mallorca. As different as they may be, everyone agrees that the most popular holiday island of the Germans has truly beautiful places to offer. Thus, if now there is talk about the beautiful corners of Mallorca, then a place should not be missing in any enumeration: Cap Formentor.

Formentor is the name of the former privately owned peninsula on the northeastern tip of Mallorca. Here, a good hour's drive from Palma, it is much quieter from a tourist point of view than in other parts of the Balearic island. The landscape is also different - sandy beaches are a little rarer, instead steep cliffs often dominate the picture. This means that bathing holidaymakers are rarer here and that more hikers and nature lovers come. However, there are also several beautiful bays where you can lie in the sand and swim, many of which are also suitable for families with children thanks to a shallow entry into the water. But above all, the eye is on holiday here. Along the only road that opens up the peninsula in several turns and that starts at Port de Pollenca, there are numerous wonderful view points. Those who are on the way here will want to stop every few metres and let their gaze wander. Nature lovers also like to come here, as at the steep coast, different kinds of seabirds can be observed. The road finally leads to the most important sight at the very end of Formentor.

Cap Formentor

Cap Formentor is the northernmost point of Mallorca. High above the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, the lighthouse stands at a height of 170 metres above sea level, which attracts the most visitors. With its characteristic signal of four flashes, it has been in operation since 1863 and now supplies itself with solar power. Not only the lighthouse itself is worth seeing, but also the view from up here. A few metres further there is the viewing platform named Mirador de Mal Pas, which offers a wonderful view in all directions. In good weather, the view goes up to the neighbouring island Menorca at a distance of approximately 40 kilometres or up to the coastal resort Alcudia with its beaches. But the fascination of this part of Mallorca is not only nourished by this point. Already the drive is an experience, as the serpentines of the road always give a view to the rough coasts and the many blue tones of the sea.
For this reason, the stops along the route are very popular, especially in the evenings, as with an unobstructed view to the west, one can enjoy the sunset very wonderfully.
Schöner Sonnenuntergang auf Cap Formentor
Schöner Sonnenuntergang auf Cap Formentor
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