Banyalbufar is suitable for all holidaymakers who are looking for peace and quiet far away from mass tourism. Here, in addition to the true Mallorcan culture, you can explore wine growing areas on the sun terraces. For sports, there are hiking trails along the coast and the Tramuntana Mountains, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. You can relax on the secluded stretch of beach surrounded by rocks.

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The mountain resort is located 25 kilometres from Palma, the capital of the island. The village can be reached by public bus or car via spectacular serpentines overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding mountain peaks.

This town was founded on the west coast of Mallorca in the 10th century, when the Moors began to populate the area. For the cultivation of the Malvasia wine they built about 2000 terraces in the slopes of the Tramuntana mountains. They are a popular photo motif because they resemble a large staircase that stretches from the sea to the mountains.
After a phylloxera infestation in the 19th century, the vineyard was closed down until it was resumed in 1995. The walls and irrigation systems of the time are still in use today.


In addition to the obligatory visit to a winery, the old town and the church "Iglesia de la Natividad de Maria" from the 14th century can be visited.
Another highlight is the watchtower "Torre des Verger" from the 17th century. Originally it was built to defend against pirates - today it is one of the most visited vantage points on the island. Tourists and locals enjoy an incomparable view of the Mediterranean Sea.
The annual music festival "Banyalbujazz" is regarded as an attraction. Here free concerts take place alternately in Banyalbufar and at the port "Port dès Canonge". Guests are treated to the famous Malvasia wine, which already inspired kings from all over Europe in the past.

Relax on the crystal clear sea

With some effort the 100 meter long beach "Cala Banyalbufar" can be reached over steep stairs. The effort is worth it, as there is almost untouched nature and clean water waiting for the visitors. The pebble beach is surrounded by high rock walls, which is why the sun only appears around noon. If the waves are not too high, you can dive and snorkel excellently.

Food and accommodation in the tranquil seaside resort

Culinary it is comparable with the rest of Mallorca. Paella, seafood, fish, tapas and the famous almond cake are also on the menu.
Hotel castles have not yet been built in this village in order to preserve its original charm. Nevertheless, there are nice places to stay overnight. The hotel "La Baronia" from the 16th century is architecturally impressive and has a wonderful inner courtyard.